Lowery have historically worked for the telecoms departments of British Rail and then the main telecom contractors post British Rail privatisation. In recent years we have also been contracted to carry out signalling works and have worked on a number of high-profile re-signalling schemes. 

We now work directly for Network Rail, first of all on the National Fixed Telecom Network (FTN) project and latterly on Crossrail West as the cable and cable route Framework Contractor for ‘Lift & Shift’ works (cable and cable route diversions). 

Lowery undertake the following works, all associated with railway telecom and signalling projects.

  • The construction and refurbishment of all types of trackside cable routes
  • The supply, installation, test and bringing into service of signalling and telecoms cables.

Included in these works are:

  • Design, initial and final surveys
  • Scrub and general site clearance
  • Ground works in preparation for the installation of cable routes
  • Installation of platform duct routes, under-track crossings (UTXs) and under-road crossings (URXs)
  • Installation of trackside equipment, cabinets and other structures including foundations
  • The recovery of life-expired cables, cable route and trackside equipment.