Successfully Commissioned into Service Feeder 1685

Lowery Ltd. have successfully commissioned into service Feeder 1685 as part of the Network Rail London South High Voltage Power Upgrade Scheme.

This is the first of seven 33kV circuits that will be commissioned over the next few months. Feeder 1685 provides a 33kV feed between Brockley Substation and the new Rotherhithe Switching Station, this will provide LV supplies via two Auxiliary transformers to the LVAC Panels to enable commissioning of the remaining 33kV circuits.

Rotherhithe Switching Station has been recently built at Surrey Canal Road in South Bermondsey, on completion of the project, the switching station will be fed from the new National Grid dual 140MVA 275/33kV Substation at New Cross Grid off Ormside Street in South Bermondsey. The dual 140MVA 275/33kV substation will supply 33kV circuits from New Cross Grid through a 190m tunnel and to Rotherhithe HV Switching Station. From here 33kV circuits will run from Rotherhithe Switching Station to South Bermondsey Substation, Greenwich Substation and Nunhead Substation.

Lowery Ltd would like to thank all staff that have contributed to the successful commissioning of Feeder 1685