Successful Commissioning of Stages 6 and 7 at Euston

On behalf of the Directors we would just like to show our appreciation for the In-Line Cabling works at Euston, whist there are still some important steps left to complete the successful commissioning of Stages 6 and 7 last night is a significant milestone. 

We have achieved completion of all stages up to this point demonstrating an excellent safety record, professionalism and a lot of hard work from the Project Deliver Team. This has been achieved in an extremely challenging environment where any issues would have a huge impact on the travelling public and our client’s and Lowery’s reputations.

Thank you again to the team for your efforts in helping Lowery achieve these goals, your endeavours are much appreciated and long may they continue into the final stages left to complete on this project and hopefully future workscopes we undertake as a team.