Ride for Freedom 2020

Our Managing Director Mark Gubbins was very proud to support his old school chum Gordon Miller in the last leg of his 2020 Ride for Freedom – End Modern Slavery bike ride last Friday 2 October.

Gordon is setting a new Guinness World Record mapping out the largest GPS drawing by an individual on a bike. Guinness World Record total: 626.90 miles / 11,363 metres climbed. His routes during the year have spelt out the letters of Modern Slavery and with some brave colleagues from Lowery, we joined him in on the final leg drawing the ‘Y’, which finished on Westminster Bridge. We are also helping raise funds for charities Hope for Justice and Unseen.

Gordon reckoned it was his wettest ride ever as we managed to do this last leg in the wind and rain of Storm Alex. 20 miles in around 2 hours, plus some killer hills en route made for a formidable challenge at times. Gordon and Mark left school together 40 years ago now and it’s great that they are still supporting each other all these years later. Who’d have thought they would be riding their bikes together to the Houses of Parliament?