Network Rail Framework Awarded - Euston to Cheddington Remote Condition Monitoring

Lowery has recently been awarded a framework contract to act as Principal Contractor, designer and installer for the Euston to Cheddington Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM)

The RCM works are part of the reliability works required by the Network Rail High Speed 2 On Network section. The requirement is to improve asset reliability by remotely monitoring its performance. This RCM system must be installed as far as Wembley as a minimum before the HS2 tunnelling works commence. This will enable trending of current asset performance information to be collated and used should there be a failure as a result of the HS2 works. The new system will provide the Network Rail Delivery Unit the ability to plan maintenance and implement early intervention to deteriorating assets, which in turn will provide cost savings and improve credibility with passengers.

The project is to be completed in a number of phases. Phase 1 has already been successfully completed alongside Lowery, installing monitoring of point machines, interlocking data and Bender Units in the Euston to Camden area. Also, the system backbone system has been installed and will be operated by the NR Euston Delivery Unit out of a refurbished room at Wembley SCC. This is now ready for the monitoring of other assets to be added in the future phases

Phases 2 & 3 will provide RCM from Euston to Wembley. This will include not only the asset types included in phase 1 but, also HVI and Reed track circuits. The intention also being that the same framework mechanism could be used for phase 4 of the works to provide RCM up to Cheddington.