Meeting the Next Generation of Engineers: College and School Visits

The nights are drawing in, and Lowery’s staff continue to promote Engineering careers to the professionals of tomorrow.

Representatives from our Board, Engineering, Finance, HSEQ, HR and Work-Winning Teams engaged with scores of students from secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges local to our offices - Sunbury College, Holyfield School & East Surrey College – on the range and breadth of engineering and construction careers available to them and the routes to study and enter them.

At East Surrey College particularly, Lowery supported a group of 12 students over a two-day work experience to give a window into what a career in rail and construction has to offer.

Activities included a presentation on what Lowery does on the railway – OLE, DC, Substations, UTX, URX, safety on the railway and various team exercises to put the students skills to the test. Mark Gubbins, our Managing Director, gave a talk on his journey into the rail industry. The exercises include the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE) Spaghetti skyscrapers, an environmental exercise on setting up a construction site and an environmental hazard perception game. All teams did a fantastic job building a skyscraper from spaghetti and marshmallows.

"I would like to say a big thank you for you and your colleagues joining us to present the two-day workshop at the college. The students really enjoyed the event and believe that the experience will be valuable for their coursework." - East Surrey College's Careers & Employability Advisor.