Lowery Site IT Innovations

In a bid to improve efficiency while reducing the impact on the environment, Lowery have embraced communications technology on our worksites.

Gone are the days of unwieldy folders of documents and records. All Lowery Supervisors are issued with iPads, providing access to Lowery's document reporting App, DepotNet. 

DepotNet is accessed using the Supervisor's iPad on site. The Supervisor can then produce the following reports electronically on site:

  • Site inspections
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Pre-work checklists
  • Plant & equipment checklists
  • Shift reports
  • Hot works permits

IT innovations have also been introduced in the way that we monitor our staff competencies and equipment certification. 

Staff have been issued with competence cards printed with an unique QR code on the reverse. When scanned using the DepotNet App, the user is shown a list of current competences held by the individual. 

As this is linked to our competence database, there is no need to re-issue competence cards when new competences are awarded or when competences expire. This gives us the confidence that our staff always have access to accurate and up to date information.

The DepotNet data is maintained at our project offices, where reports are collated electronically on the document database. Monitoring of certificate expiry is carried out automatically, with managers notified by email of forthcoming issues. 

All the above helps ensure that Lowery worksites are operated efficiently, while minising our impact on the environment through the replacement of paper based systems.