Our latest safety engagement tour was undertaken at one of our Train Care Depot Upgrade sites.

Statement provided below from Daniel Burge – Lowery Company Director

Lowery have been engaged by our client to upgrade a significant number of authorised walking routes within their depots.

Given the importance of this safety critical work bank it was noted that the Lowery installations teams had already completed a high volume of quality work.

The Welfare and Site Set up was comprehensive and fit for purpose twinned with an engaging safety induction briefing backed up with our safety first behaviours onsite.

As usual it was also great to catch up with everyone onsite to see how they are getting on, so many thanks for your time and ongoing efforts it is very much appreciated by Lowery.

Many thanks also to our Head of HSQE & Compliance, Kevin Griffiths for joining me today and providing the teams with your positive feedback."