Lowery Ltd Track Feeder Switch Project – 2020

Lowery Ltd have undertaken multiple Short Circuit Testing (SCT) on the Track Feeder Switch (TFS) Project sites over a number of weekend possessions. This has been undertaken in line with the company COVID-19 requirements/process with the team. Given the main lines on which the testing was applicable the potential impact on the operational railway was a high risk factor successfully managed and mitigated by the Lowery Project Team. It goes without saying that Network Rail Route, needed to ensure service was maintained for the essential working requirements.

The purpose of carrying out the short circuit testing is to test the functionality of the TFS Unit in the ‘short circuit’ position and also the capability of the DC switchgear to operate under fault conditions if the associated sections are supplied from a remote substation.

On the latter weekend shifts in the project programme the NR Programme Manager attended site to witness the testing. To this end the Lowery Project Team received high praise from the NR Programme Manager on how the tests were carried out.

Lowery would like to record our appreciation to the Network Rail Project Team for their ongoing support over these past weekends. It is very much appreciated by the Lowery team.


Client Commendation Below:

I would like to put on record, how impressed I was, both last night and last week’s work and how well your team performed. The communication and safe working practices were spot on and I was made to feel part of the team and not the customer watching over their shoulders.

Programme Manager RAM ESIP