Lowery Ltd Signalling & Telecoms - Remote Control Monitoring Design, Installation & Commissioning Project - 2020

Monthly Director & Senior Management staff engagement tours are seen by Lowery as an invaluable opportunity for the business to receive direct feedback from our staff on how we can continue to improve their well being and the work place in which they work.

Our RCM Project was chosen for the August 2020 staff engagement tour visit.


Statement provided below from Daniel Burge – Lowery Company Director

It’s always great to catch up with some of our long serving staff members and also to meet some new members of staff that have recently joined the Lowery team to undertake this important work stream for the Network Rail LNW Route.

A positive work place environment is key for our staff to undertake the project scope of works safely. It was very apparent to me during the tour that all the staff within the respective installation and commissioning teams were fully engaged with our all-important safety culture whilst providing our client, in this instance Network Rail with a professional service they should quite rightly expect.

Many thanks again to all the staff onsite for your time, positive engagement and ongoing efforts it is very much appreciated by Lowery.