This month our Euston High Voltage Project was chosen for the staff engagement tour enabling direct feedback from our people on how we can continue to improve their well being and the work place in which they work.

Statement provided below from Daniel Burge – Lowery Company Director

The excellent quality of the installation and commissioning works being safely carried out by our teams onsite within the station at Euston and also trackside leading up to the Camden section of the project is without doubt a testament to all their experience and hard work.

Our positive safety culture was evident from the moment I accessed the site with the prework briefing being both engaging and comprehensive.

Given the inner London location of the track side section of the site there were significant challenges for our staff to overcome. These included access restrictions, COVID-19 social distancing, Knotweed, limited clearances and also a considerable amount of working at height, safely mitigated by the use of ontrack plant.

All the risks presented to the Lowery team were being safely controlled and mitigated to protect our staff as they carry out the planned works.

Many thanks again to all the staff onsite for your time, positive engagement and ongoing efforts it is very much appreciated by Lowery.