As part of the Euston HS2 enabling works Lowery safely carried out and completed the final commissioning of the High Voltage PLC Auto Changeover Scheme. At the planning stage of the works the Lowery Team were able to configure the commissioning strategy to significantly reduce the required de-energisation of Euston station down to a minimal amount of time. This revised strategy allowed the PLC commissioning works to be completed without additional risk to the Euston Station’s existing high voltage equipment infrastructure.

The High Voltage supplies are now successfully transferred to a feeding arrangement that provides the correct back up supply from the UKPN network in the event that the Network Rail High Voltage feeders were to fail.

The Lowery commissioning staff also updated the protection settings within the 11kV equipment located within the applicable sub stations in the Euston area.

This was a major milestone for the project as a whole and as such was greatly appreciated by our client Skanska and in turn Network Rail who offered their thanks and congratulations to Lowery for completing these significant works over the Christmas period.

Many thanks also to the Skanska Project Team & Network Rail for their ongoing support it is very much appreciated by the Lowery team.


Commendation from the MEPH and 11kv Skanska Lead:

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you and well done for completing the PLC testing at Christmas, even with the problems that arose it was great to see that you guys established the issue and overcome.

It’s now 2021 and I ‘m hopeful that over the coming months we can complete the 11kv works and get all this handed over to the maintainer.

Many thanks for all your hard work during a difficult 2020 and hope for a successful 2021.

NR have also expressed their thanks to the successful works completed.