As part of the HV enabling works at Euston the Lowery Power team successfully re-routed 1000m of HV & Pilot cabling from its temporary low-level enclosures into the newly installed high-level CRMS routes. Due to the thorough planning over the past months between the Lowery Project Construction and Lowery Engineering teams the works were finally executed over two weekend possessions. These complex works were carried out in a professional and coordinated manner bringing the last HV commissioning stages at Euston to a safe and successful conclusion. This was a major milestone for the project and as such was greatly appreciated by our client Skanska and in turn Network rail.


Senior Programme Lead – Phil Dawkins:

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Euston team for the safe implementation of the final changeover of the Camden Feeders. The Team have had many key changeover weekends on the Euston Project. All the works have been completed professionally with no un-planned operational downtime and most importantly everyone went home safe.