Lowery Launch Social Value Strategy

Advancing our commitments as an SME delivering social value, Lowery are proud to launch our Social Value Strategy; maximising the value, outcomes and legacies we co-create with communities and clients.

Designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the Social Value Act and PPN06/20 and further align with client requirements and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SGDs), our new Social Value Strategy cements Lowery’s ability to create social value – through apprenticeships, community projects and more – on behalf of Tier 1 and infrastructure owner clients, whether in sub-contract or direct appointment.

Developed by Sustainability Manager, Olubukola Olose, as part of her remit to enhance Lowery’s ability to give back to the communities we work in, policy the strategy development has been sponsored and endorsed by the Lowery board throughout.

Olubukola Olose shares a few introductory words with us below:
Q: What does social value mean to you?
A: It’s about really turning up for the communities we work in. Construction works can be so disruptive to peoples’ day-to-day lives, yet when managed properly they’re one of our greatest engines to give back and build careers too.
Q: What benefits will this strategy bring to clients and communities?
A: For those projects falling outside of PPN06/20, it’s a clear statement of the value to expect from Lowery for local communities and how it will be delivered. For those larger schemes, with more direct social value mandates, it provides a menu of what Lowery can provide – and where we can go beyond.
Q: Could you tell us about a social value achievement at Lowery you’re proud of?
A: Social value creation is in the DNA of Lowery, I’ve never seen so many Directors actively take part in employment vehicles and community projects as I have at Lowery.

The strategy can be accessed here.