Lowery HSQE - Emergency Call Refreshers

As part of Lowery’s campaign on emergency calls and safety critical communication training, exercises are being carried out at key project locations, most recently at Winchester station and Eastleigh depot. The vision for this campaign is to assess and make sure that everyone under Lowery, including contractors, know how to make emergency phone calls using the correct protocol.

The refresher training was carried out at their site of work following the interactive process below:

  • Each member of staff was invited to write down their own chosen emergency scenario.
  • Staff would then watch a safety video on how to make an emergency call.
  • Each member of staff would then make the emergency call. The key to this part of the refresher training was that each individual would be located onsite when making the call. The Lowery Safety Engineer was located in his vehicle acting as (in this case) the signalman at (Eastleigh panel 1).
  • Undertaking an emergency call scenario onsite, whilst at their work and not in a classroom added an element of realistic pressure.
  • It is very important all our staff and contractors are continually assessed and in turn are capable of making a clear and concise emergency call.

Good feedback was received from all staff with this interactive onsite refresher.