Hinton Admiral is the top ranked Route to Gold Site

Delivering safely and collaboratively! We're pleased to announce our Hinton Admiral Substation was the highest scoring 'Route-to-Gold' site for Period 11 on behalf of Network Rail Southern Capital Delivery.

Construction Route to Gold is a performance measurement initiative within the Southern region Capital Delivery supply chain.  The initiative aims to promote collaborative working behaviours, reduce costs caused by re-work and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry. 

Hinton Admiral substation was originally remitted as a renewal of the existing HV switchgear. However, the rapid deterioration of the associated assets at the site during the post contract award design phase drove a business need to extend the scope to a full substation renewal including 1 x HV module, 2 x Auxiliary Transformers on staged platforms, 2 x Transformer rectifier units and a new DC Powerbond Module.

The substation is positioned on a line of route that is important for both for commuters and leisure with the Poole-Waterloo and Poole-Winchester lines passing directly through and being an important interchange for Southampton Airport and the popular Weymouth holiday resort. The renewal of the power distribution assets which are over 40 years old with modern day equivalents will improve network performance and power resilience by removing known failure mechanisms which can be catastrophic to train performance.

Well done to all involved!