High CCS Score for Package 6 (HV Feeders) Framework

We're pleased to have achieved a 43/45 CCS Score on Package 6 (HV Feeders) Framework for Network Rail Works Delivery. Congratulations to our delivery team for their consistent community and environmentally-focused delivery ethos.

Package 6 consists of four HV feeder renewals including new pilot cabling and interface with the existing AC and DC protection systems. Projects are design, procurement and build.

Forty-five kilometres of cable have been installed as part of the Package 6 HV feeder renewal, along with cable management systems of 7km, consisting of various Under Track Crossings with 1km of buried route through Winchester and Eastleigh station car parks, along with cable troughing and post-route cable containment. The package also contains 1600m of new walkway installed and integrated into the new cable route.

“The team has established and maintained a good relationship with their local community, and they are tracking well against ambitious sustainability and social value targets. The site is supporting the company's carbon reduction plans and are working against multiple [targets]. The site provides best in class on-site provisions to their workforce and a comprehensive mental health support programme that is embedded into their daily operations.” – Audit Report Extract