Handback of the South London HV Upgrade Project

Lowery are delighted to conclude the Handback of the South London HV Upgrade Project to BAM.

The project consisted of the design, procurement, installation & testing & commissioning of 2 new HV Modules, including new SCADA communication lines. Installation of complex intertripping scheme between Network Rail & National Grid.

The project also included cable install for 7 HV Feeders (25Km of HV), including associated Pilot and Fibre Cable. 4km Troughing, 1km GRP Containment, 5no 9m vertical GRP cable ladders, 400m of 6way Buried Route through a station Platform, 300m of 6way Buried Route in Footpath, 400m long King Post Wall which included 220no 7m long H piles, 219 Concrete Ballast Board Sections, 700 Tonne of aggregate / track ballast. 6no. UTX Crossings installed including & an 80m 12 Way URX.

With all the above works, Lowery had a total of 128704.5 Working Hours, With this significant amount of working hours, Lowery’s can confirm that not a single Lost Time Injury or Reportable accident occurred. To put this into context, this would equate to a person working for 69 years without a lost time injury.

A Real achievement! A Fantastic effort and well done to all involved.