Euston to Tring RCM Project Phase 2/3 Completion

Lowery recently completed the design, installation, testing & commissioning of Phases 2, 3 & 4B of the Remote Condition Monitoring Project from Euston To Cheddington.


Our Designers & Signalling teams collated all the survey information from the area, covering a mammoth 260 Location cabinets & REBs. Lowery then produced the design and managed the installation, test and commission of all 260 Location Cabinets, with over 1000 assets now being monitored on Networks Rails “Centrix” monitoring platform from Euston Platforms (0m) to Tring Station (32m).


Lowery carried out all works safely, on time to a tight programme and on budget to the delight of Network rail.


These works have proved to be a huge success with the Local Maintainer, as they are able to positively identify specific & potential faults before they occur saving costly downtime, Fault finding & Disrupted Delays to the services in & out of Euston Mainline. Additionally, potential faults are now able to be pinpointed to an asset, removing the time-consuming process of locating a fault previously required. The Local Maintainer is also now able to create predictive maintenance programmes, with Lowery having already received several reports of some potential major failures which have been intercepted due to the new monitoring of the equipment and rectified before it occurred, thus avoiding serious delays and disruption to the infrastructure and passengers.


Lowery’s successful performance on Phase 2 & 3 & 4B has resulted in the company being asked to continue carry out surveys and correlation to Rugby North. This work was completed late summer 2021.