Electronic Rule Books

The RSSB have now published the Rule Book on line. These are now available to download in pdf format. 

This is to make the Rule Books available to staff through electronic means, such as smart phones or tablets.

They are recognising this as a legitimate process for distributing the Rule Books, saving time in administration and printing costs. 

The electronic versions may be downloaded, but must be renewed every 6 months, due to updates. Please re-visit this website every June and December to download an updated copy.  

Use the links below to gain access to the relevant Rule Book module: 

Which Rule Books apply to my role? Find out here: Rule Book Matrix

User guide
Rule Book Briefing Leaflet
Track Worker Rule Books
Master Module Rule Books
Train Driver
Signaller's / Signalling Technician's Rule Books
Train Operation Staff

Extract from the RSSB website: "This means that rail staff will be able to refer to a single Rule Book document for content relevant to their own role, using a smartphone, tablet or pc with either the iOS, Android or Windows platform.

Having your content in a single document means that you will now be able to navigate to the required content using the predefined bookmarks, links on the contents pages or search the entire Manual for key words or phrases e.g. Single Line Working. Designing the Manuals to be viewed on a compatible electronic device has meant that all you need to do is download the Manual that relates to your role.

More than half the UK population use smartphones, and nearly half use tablets, meaning many of us are relying more heavily on the internet for banking, shopping, music, leisure, work and all manner of day-to-day communication.  Increasingly rail staff are being equipped with mobile devices to help them do their job.

By making digital Rule Book Manuals available we are responding to the modern ways of working on the operational railway as well as to a specific request raised at the national Operations Risk Conference last October to make Rule Book manuals available to use on mobile devices.  The new manuals will save companies and staff time, make the content more accessible, and potentially reduce printing costs."