Donating Laptops to a Local School

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and in these unprecedented times, we have been touched by how people have been struggling at home working and schooling. We, like many people, have realised that we should do better utilising our IT equipment that can no longer support our needs but is still in full working order. Following a recent programme of equipment upgrades we had a number of laptops that although not useful to the company anymore, but we believed could be useful to someone else. Instead of disposing of them we did some research for other ideas on what to do with our IT equipment. One idea from the team was to assist a school in our community. Reigate School is local to one of our main offices and they gladly took up our offer and we happily donated 11 HP laptops.

We are pleased that we could put otherwise unused equipment to better use rather than sending to landfill or for recycling. We hope that our donation will help some pupils who are still having to do their schoolwork at home who may not be fortunate enough to own their own laptops or are having to share amongst siblings or parents.